Dear Unisinuan Student

The University of Sinú Elías Bechara Zainúm Cartagena sectional, in pursuit of the well-being of the student community and administrative staff, has arranged the following service channels:


To know our educational offer and the registration process WhatsApp 3103659567

payment flyers

To request registration flyers, payment flyers for certificates, financial peace and safe, cards and other pecuniary rights, we have the mail enabled


For sending payment support in office, online payments or electronic transfers, the mail is enabled You can also write to this email if your flyer has an error in the invoiced value.


For concerns about discounts, incentives or subsidies, you can write to the email

ICETEX Credits

First time: To receive advice on the legalization process we have enabled the mail

Renewals: To send the credit renewal or clarify concerns about the renewal

educational credits

For information on credits with banks, cooperatives or direct credit with the university, we have the email


For unblocking due to default, or if you need the direct credit invoice, you can contact Elvia Taborda at the email

PSE online payment: Login through your platform ELYSA. Attach transaction support to email

Face-to-face payment at a bank branch: In the invoice indicate the name of the bank

If the bank registered on the invoice does not have offices in your place of residence, please inform

Payment options


  • Wear a mask
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1-2 meters
  • Don't touch your face
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Always act respectfully towards others
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